I've been a bit radio silent over the last few months as we've been wading through the planning stages of opening the cafe, but now I've got some concrete facts to share, so expect more updates here!

For today, our big news is that we've finalized our location! We're going to be at 50 Broad Street, in Spinnaker Square in downtown Milford.

It's VERY exciting to be joining the vibrant downtown community. There are already a ton of great places to visit and I think we'll add another great reason for you to come to the Milford Green. 

We are situated just at the entrance to the large municipal parking lot, which offers free parking for 2 hours, so you should hopefully be able to come right to our doorstep.

There are roughly 8 million things left to do before we open. Keep checking in for updates, insights into the process, and other fun news here!