I grew up playing games.  I grew up playing Nintendo games, and I grew up playing Monopoly.

Basically nothing has changed.

 33 years old.

33 years old.










So now as an adult, I'm tickled at the idea of playing a proper Nintendo game based on Monopoly, especially because, and this is very important:

This is not just Monopoly with Nintendo characters pasted on it!

What they've instead done is taken the extremely familiar shell of monopoly and changed it to be a) shorter and b) less aggravating.

The idea is basically to turn Monopoly into a physical verson of Mario Party, which was already basically a board game inside a video game to start with. Instead of just going around and buying property you get Maro-Kart like powers that affect the board or your opponents as you move around the board. You collect coins (sometimes stealing them from other players) as you go around the board, and then You take on Bosses when you pass Go. The game ends when you beat enough bosses.  

The game is made to take about half an hour, which is a pretty sweet spot for game length. You can get a few games in one sitting without having a marathon session, which is great. 

Here's Hasbro's promo video if, you want to see the game in action

I'm excited to try the game out, and am happy to see that Nintendo is bringing their Amiibo success to bear here as well: In addition to the game, you can buy an "expansion" of 8 extra player figurines, each with their own special power to affect play.

At $4, It's not that pricey, and appeals to the collecter in all of us who needs all of the cute plastic we can fit into our house before being featured on Hoarders.

I'm excited to sit down with this game. Hasbro and Nintendo are two companies I have thrown my money at for decades, and it looks like they've worked on something substantive here that could be a TON of fun.