Hello! I'm Ryan, the owner of Hawkwood Games Cafe, a board game cafe that will be opening this Spring in Milford, Connecticut. We'll get to what that is in our next post. For now, I want to take a moment to explain the goals of this blog.

  • Gaming news: Gaming is a passion of mine. That's why I'm here. I I read about it all over the place formy personal interest, as well as my new professional interest. As I gather information, I'll share it here. I don't know that I'll be breaking anything new, but I can at least be a repository for gaming news, especially...
  • Gaming news specific to Connecticut: Events, conventions, tournaments, local groups looking for members. If it's local to southern CT, I'll put it here.
  • Discussions about gaming: I'll be doing game reviews, book reviews , and hopefully start some discussions about the things we all love.
  • The content that you request: Hawkwood Games is a part of a community, so its blog should be as well. Let me know if there's something you would like to see covered, an event you'd like me to feature, etc. 

Those are the major goals. More to come soon. Thank you so much for checking it out! We're going to get a regular schedule started soon, with regular, hopefully Interesting content. 

Thanks for reading!